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The CustUmrah Concept

CustUmrah offers pilgrims a platform to organize their stay in complete autonomy, while providing them with the necessary tools for a reassuring and well-prepared experience. The goal is to give those eligible for an e-visa complete freedom in their journey to Saudi Arabia for Umrah or Hajj, with the assistance and advice of experts on the sites and rites.


Experience your Umrah or Hajj enriched by modernity through our mobile application. Its intuitive use will guide you on your sacred journey with the ease of digital technology. It's the ideal companion for a connected journey while preserving the sacred essence of your experience.


Adapt to unforeseen events and changes thanks to digitalization. Our mobile application allows you to have a tailor-made and evolving experience for each situation you encounter.

Budget Control

You have the freedom to choose between economical options or to fully enjoy all the possibilities, a financial flexibility that traditional travel agency packages only allow in a limited way.


With CustUmrah, experience a pilgrimage in complete autonomy, contrary to traditional travel agencies. You have the power to choose your departure and return dates, the length of stays in Mecca and/or Medina, and the timing of your Umrah. We offer unique flexibility for specific needs!


CustUmrah allows connecting pilgrims with experts, offering a balance between personal freedom and professional support for an enriching and serene experience.


The CustUmrah mobile application centralizes all information in one place for easy and organized searching. It helps pilgrims to plan their steps and maintain a clear guideline during their stay.

Our Services

Through its innovative application, CustUmrah offers a wide range of services dedicated to pilgrimages. These services are designed to enrich and simplify your Omra and Hajj experience.

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A visa is mandatory for entering Saudi territory. Opt for our service to handle formalities with the Saudi authorities, and travel with peace of mind. Simply fill out our form via the mobile application, and we will take care of the rest.

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Transfers Medina - Mecca

Transfers between Medina and Mecca are essential for pilgrims performing their Umrah or Hajj. They offer pilgrims a way to travel from one holy city to another comfortably and conveniently. These transfers ensure that pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey, knowing their logistical needs are taken care of. CustUmrah allows you to choose your travel schedules as well as the type of vehicle (Private or Shared Vehicle).

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The accommodations offered to pilgrims during their journey for Umrah or Hajj aim to provide a mix of comfort and proximity to the holy places. These establishments are carefully selected to ensure a pleasant stay. Located near the Holy Mosque, these accommodations facilitate access to religious rituals, allowing pilgrims to focus on their spirituality.

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Book a guide

Discover our specialized guides in Umrah and Hajj, trained according to prophetic teachings to offer you authentic and personalized guidance.

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Guided tours

There are many places to explore in Medina and Mecca. Discover historical sites and their stories accompanied by our experienced guides. CustUmrah allows you to plan your visits as you wish.

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